Sunday, January 18, 2009

Noah's one month old!!

It's hard to believe that our little man is one month old. He is such a good boy, we really got lucky! A day in the life of Noah at one month looks a little something like this:

We wake up around 7 or 8 AM. Noah is NOT a morning person, it takes him about an hour to open his eyes. During that hour he just grunts and kicks around trying to fight waking up. He does not really start crying until he finally opens his eyes and realizes that he is hungry. He eats, which is very funny to hear. This child grunts and gulps and bangs his head around for the first couple of minutes. He really shows his temper, it's funny when I have had enough rest and aggravating if I am sleepy. After he has eaten and changed into a daytime outfit he usually stays awake for a couple hours. If he is not having a gas attack he is content to hang around either in his bouncy chair while I shower or to lay on his play mat and look at the black and white puppy that is on it. He swings his little arm toward the puppy, he just loves it! If he is having a gas attack he likes to be held and bounced around in my arms. Speaking of gas... does Noah ever suffer horribly from gas! His stomach is sensitive to almost everything I eat. Now that he is a big one month old we're getting the hang of getting rid of it, but boy oh boy does he wail when the gas attacks start. And when my child poos it sounds like the end of the shampoo bottle. You can hear it from across the room. He poos so so much. His nickname is Dr. Poopsie;-) His afternoons pretty much go in that same pattern; eat, stay awake for about an hour, then sleep for 2 maybe 3 hours. At about 8:00 he gets very sleepy and takes a good long nap. This is when I can get some laundry done, or try to clean up the house. When he wakes up he gets a bath. He LOVES his bath. He forgets all about being hungry and sits so contently while the water calms him down. After his bath he gets all cuddly in his PJ's. We then go upstairs, he eats and falls fast asleep. He sleeps right next to me in my bed. He wakes up about 2 times during the night to eat, each time (if I am lucky) he falls right back asleep. Such a sweet, peaceful baby.

I promise not all my blogs will be this long and boring, I just want to be able to look back and remember how my baby was when he was one month old.

Noah giving a sweet, one month old smile.

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Emily said...

Yay....the long awaited blog! LOVE it!! What a good mama you are :)