Friday, February 27, 2009

Bad, bad blogger

OK OK, I know I have been a bad blogger. My intentions are true; often while Jeff and I are doing something I will comment on how it would make a great blog. I just never seem to find the time! 

Noah and I have been back in Japan for about a month now. Our trip over was about as uneventful as one could ask for. Noah is a pro World Traveler! Shirley (Jeff's Mom, Noah's Grandma... which ever you prefer) came with us and stayed for 2 weeks. When we arrived at Narita Airport in Tokyo Jeff was waiting outside of customs with his camera ready to capture Noah's arrival. 
We spent the night in Tokyo to break up the travel; Misawa is another 400 miles north of Tokyo. Being a Civilian Contractor on a Military Base offers us many perks, one being the use of the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo. It is exclusively for Military and their Families, it is extremely nice and extremely well priced. You could spend a fortune on lodging in this HUGE and EXPENSIVE city, so it's nice to have the opportunity to stay somewhere for less than 1,000 yen (about $100).

The first week of our arrival Jeff went back to work and Shirley, Noah and I spent our time at home trying to get adjusted to the time change and trying to get organized. Noah handled all the upheaval like a champ; it took a few days to get his tummy used to the feeding changes and he had a bad bought of fussy gassiness but he is back to his happy self. He was at the perfect age to subject him to the time change since he sleeps all the time anyway.
During the second week of Shirley's visit, Monday was a Holiday (President's Day) and Jeff was off of work. He took the next three days off so we could travel back to Tokyo before Grandma's departure. The Shinkansen (bullet train) is the best means of traveling to Tokyo; we are able to arrive at Tokyo Station in about 3 hours! Again, Noah was a great World Traveler. He fussed maybe a time or two but for the most part was content to just sit, babble, sleep or eat for the whole train ride.
We were able to stay at the New Sanno again and arrived Tuesday evening. The concierge suggested some places to eat and we had a wonderful meal in Tokyo that was very decently priced (again... expensive city! Finding good food for a good price is rare!). We turned in early that evening knowing that Wednesday we would be out and about in Tokyo. Wednesday morning we went to this wonderful bakery down the street from the Hotel and purchased several different tasty pastries for breakfast. We took them down the block to... you guessed it... Starbucks. After breakfast we headed to the subway station to make our way to the Mori Art Museum. The MAM is in a 54 story, very modern building in a very trendy neighborhood called Ropongi Hills. We saw 2 exhibits and also went on the roof for a great sky view of the City. We spent the whole day at the Museum.

Shirley flew back home on Thursday while Noah, Jeff and I boarded the Shinikansen to head back to Misawa! It was a great trip to Tokyo, Jeff planned it out perfectly which I have found is the key to a successful trip to Tokyo. In such a large city with so much to do it's best to just pick one thing and do it up right!

Our third week back home was pretty uneventful. Jeff was back to work and Noah and I just spent our days trying to get adjusted to being here and trying to get organized (notice a common theme? It's hard unpacking when you have a baby to take care of!)

SO... I think that pretty much wraps up our first weeks back here in Japan. Now that I am caught up I promise I will be a better blogger! I strive to be as good as my Sister (Emma's Mom, Emily, Aunt Em... which ever you prefer!) some day:-)

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