Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fatty Pants

No, that's not a rubber band around his wrist.... that's just one of the many fat rolls that Noah has been sporting these days. Our child is chunky, there is no way around it. He is 15 lbs, which at around 11 weeks is pretty respectable. During the day he has started eating every hour for at least 30 minutes at a sitting. After discussing this with my sister Jessica (Matt, Jack and the soon to arrive Lorelei's Mama, Aunt Jess... which ever you prefer) we decided to introduce rice cereal into his diet in hopes that he will stay fuller for longer. So.... Noah enjoyed a warm bowl or cereal this morning in his swing. He loved it. Of course I thinned it out considerably but I still fed it to him with a spoon. He would gum it around his mouth until he swallowed it, then would kick his legs and wave his arms until I gave him another spoonful. Such a chunk, I can't believe he is eating solids at just over 2 months old!

You can some what grasp the girth of the belly in this picture. He is wearing a onsie that was a gift from Jean, a friend of Jeff's. What you can't see because of the belly lapping over his pants is the phrase 'Peas on Earth'. His belly is compromising his fashion. Something must be done;-)


Emily said...

hehehe...what a chunky monkey!! And I can't believe he did so well with a spoon! He must be advanced! LOVE the belly!!! And I LOVE him!!!!! Kiss him for me :)

bethanyspeaks said...

i love fat babies. make sure his clothes fit though because that makes him look fat instead of cute.

hope youre having fun :)